Bernhard Rittel

* 1965

After graduating in Economics Bernhard Rittel began his professional career at the Bankhaus Lampe in Düsseldorf in 1990. Starting in 1991, he made a major contribution towards building up the bank’s corporate finance business which consisted of consultancy mandates, share issues and specialised corporate funding. As managing director of Lampe’s private equity company, from its beginning in 1995, he was responsible for building up its investment portfolio. He became managing director when Lampe Corporate Finance was established in 1998, and was responsible for the acquisition of Krüger & Uhen. In 2002, he joined Rolf Köchling as a Managing Partner of Krüger & Uhen.

On 1 January 2005, Rolf Köchling and Bernhard Rittel founded MARKUS PARTNERS. Since then, they managed the company jointly.

Bernhard Rittel has long experience in M&A consultancy and private equity investments. He has also managed stock exchange and structured finance transactions.

The Partners

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